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The Pointlessness Of Jungle Safaris

Human beings going on a jungle safari in a national park… what a ridiculous activity it is. I have been on quite a few of them myself and trust me I am not particularly proud. We love to create so much drama and suspense around the whole deal. We think of ourselves as great achievers if we manage to get a glimpse of the animal and feel utterly depressed if the mission fails.

5 Types Of Stories That Savvy Businesspeople Know How To Tell

Many of the top financial advisors I interviewed and profiled in my book “The Indian Millionaire Next Door” used stories to tell their customers who they are, what they do, why they do it and what they have accomplished -- all aspects of communication that the new technologically savvy entrepreneur sometimes finds challenging. Here are some examples of remarkable storytelling…
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Brand Stories Are Co-Created, Not Just Told

Consumers today don't just receive the story being written and disseminated by the custodians of a brand. Despite the clutter of established and emerging brands in every sub-segment, consumers are able to identify what a brand stands for. Not what a marketer communicates, but the sum total of what the consumers understand and experience, how they endorse or communicate about a brand. Consequently, consumers are happy to script their own stories of what a brand means...

The Micro-Moments That Matter To Marketers

Micro-moments are what every marketer is talking about today--those moments of intent in the lives of consumers, where they want to know, go or buy immediately and without any delay. Economic success is determined by the ability of intelligent platforms to curate these interactions and the ability of marketers to capitalize on and convert a multitude of such moments, every moment.

You Don't Know Your City Until You've Explored It On Foot

Start small, like maybe discovering the story behind the broken temple in the neighbourhood park or visiting the local market that comes up mysteriously every Tuesday and disappears for the rest of the week. Look for the glint of stained glass in that rundown church to Instagram across the world or find that tea stall behind the tree line which has a collection of 87 varieties, all to be brewed right there on the footpath.
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How The Mahabharata Was Retold On Twitter

It occurred to me The Mahabharata was perfect for an experiment on Twitter. For one, it catered well to my scholarly side: besides dawdling in digital media, I study how war is narrated to justify my paycheque. War narratives, thus, were of academic interest to me. And in a rather reductionist way, I had begun to see The Mahabharata as a war story.