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A Joint Coalition Force May Be The Only Way To Take Down ISIS

The US, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other countries in the Middle East should join hands to fight ISIS. The first step should be to send troops to Iraq to neutralise ISIS. Once this is accomplished, they should help the present government in Iraq in adopting an inclusive policy where Sunnis are given key roles in the government, and the army personnel, who were ignominiously removed, are reinstated. These are not easy tasks, but it is the only way to restore confidence among Sunnis.

Paris Attacks: Why The ‘Clash Of Civilizations' Theory Doesn't Hold Up

In the aftermath of the Paris tragedy, there is a growing debate on whether the attacks by ISIS are a manifestation of an ideological war against liberal western values, which are an antithesis of the puritan values of Wahhabi Islam. The argument gains credence when it is considered that ISIS chose soft targets like a concert hall, a sports stadium and restaurants in Paris, a city which they described as a "den of prostitution and vice", in order to instill fear in the people.