Special Children


Bringing Out The Best In Specially-Abled Children

Anand was different from most children his age. The now eight year old suffers from autism and cerebral palsy. With his development affected, he was unable to walk or even stand by himself. It seemed he was destined to lead a life depending on others -- until V-Excel stepped in. Today, Anand is able to walk on his own. He has also started playing with toys and has even made a few friends! Anand's parents' joy knows no bounds.
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7 Profound Lessons On Life From A Toddler And A 25-Year-Old

He says, "laga" (it hurts) but continues to attempt to change position. Still, all the while, he smiles. "He" is my 25-year-old son, Mohit. He has severe back pain, at present. He also has autism. I watch her interacting with her mother. Cooing, gurgling, trying her best to form words, this little one gives life her 100%. By the time, she was four months old, she had already had two major surgeries. She is Meher. She is only 19 months old. She has Down Syndrome.