Juan Moyano via Getty Images

We Are All Ambassadors For Our Country: Impressions From Barcelona

We went to Barcelona in mid-December and spent three days there. The first SMS that I received when I landed in the city was "Beware of mobile phone thieves in Spain". Needless to say, this did not give a good impression of Spain. Most of the friends I had spoken to also didn't speak highly of the safety in the country. With this perception in my mind, I went about my trip with my family...

Going Gaga Over Gaudí in Barcelona

Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain after Madrid and the capital of Catalonia province, is a clear favourite of the tourists. Football, fun and food lure people here. But there is an artistic facet to this ancient city. One man in particular has left his legacy behind in avant-garde monuments, in colourful tiles, in curved walls and roofs, in twisted columns and spiral chimneys, in a distinctive architectural style that stands for Antoni Gaudí.