South China Sea

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South China Sea: A Riddle, Wrapped In A Mystery, Inside An Enigma

As the decision of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, upholding the Philippines' claim for the disputed waters of the South China Sea came as a sudden blow to what can be best described as China's meteoric rise to power, Churchill's famous description of Russia (“It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”) at the beginning of World War II, still holds ground. Only this time, the subject is China and the dispute, in the South China Sea.

The Shangri La Dialogue: 4 Key Themes Of US Focus On Asia-Pacific

Four major themes emerge from US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter's speech at the 14th Shangri-La Dialogue, a major security conference: an enduring American commitment to shared peace and prosperity; the need to promote Asia Pacific security architecture; efforts to enhance regional cooperation and a revival of America's diplomacy in the region. An analysis of the major ideas from Carter's speech presents a positive reminder that the US will continue to play a role influencing and shaping the region.