Solo Travel


The Best Way To Become Nobody

We live in a world where you've got to a) be yourself, b) be different, c) be extraordinary. Whatever you do, you've got to be somebody. Run of the mill won't do. We're constantly searching for an identity. Something to latch on to. Something that defines us just a little bit more. A new tattoo maybe? A different hobby. A rare profession. A vacation to an off-beat place... And then somebody says to us -- you are nobody. And the world comes crashing down on us.
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Solo Female Travel: To Go Or Not To Go?

As you finally broach the topic of setting out solo, there's a sequence of reactions from the family. It starts with the calm before the storm, an air of hushed incomprehension. Then the eyebrows go up a fraction. And then all hell breaks loose. There are cackles of disbelief, wails of lament. How can our daughter even think this way? Could a demon have possessed her? Hope is reposed in divine forces. God will help us, he will cure her of these unholy thoughts.