Feast Your Eyes: 9 Best Instagram-Worthy Restaurants In Mumbai

Would it be fair to say that everybody's just a smartphone away from calling themselves a photographer nowadays? No? All right. But that doesn't change the fact that Instagram has certainly brought to light -- no sarcasm alert -- millions of images that look #superawesome. To makes things better, there are dining options around that don't even need filters to look great. Here are nine of Mumbai’s most click-worthy restaurants
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Karva Chauth And A Woman's Right To Choose

As a bride, hailing from a family where women were unfamiliar with Karva Chauth, I wasn't really excited by the idea of fasting or decking up for a story session. Given that my mother-in-law, bless her soul, was cool enough to respect my choices, I decided to test Karva Chauth waters with selective participation. If anything, the idea was to test my patience and tame my appetite.

When It's Time To Parent A Parent

A small emergency in your family, and it's as if somebody wakes you up from deep slumber. Yes, slumber. Because that's the state you are in if something's right in front of you but you've been too preoccupied to realise it. We tend to feel that old people being moved to old age homes are the only ones who are in need of our service. But the truth is that the old people in our own homes, grandparents or parents, also need our attention once they cross a particular age.
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'Pinky Ke Papa' To 'Honey Bunny' -- How Indian Women Address Their Partners In Private Has Changed Over The Years

We have come a long way from 'Pinky ke papa' to 'Pumpkin', from 'Husband' to 'Honey Buns', and from 'Suniye' to 'Snuggle Bunny'. When it comes to naming the grandson, grandpa's writ still rules in most households, but nicknaming your husband is entirely your choice. Call him Baby or Baba, Chotu or Motu, as long as the connotations are positive, it is more about affection than gender dynamics.