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Watching As The World Dies

Most of us have seen the photograph of an innocent child who ended up lifeless on a beach for no fault of his own. His death was the result of a battle determined by adults, powerful nations and warmongers. This photograph was shared widely, touching the sentiments of anyone who knows what the innocence of a child is. As a world, we probably felt as much pain when more than 130 children were massacred at school last December, underlining how barbaric humans can be.
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3 Ways To Leverage Social Media To Land Your Dream Job

Did you know that businesses no longer just rely on posting traditional job ads online or in newspapers - in fact, 23% of employers surveyed admit to using social media to screen job applicants, and 18% to contact professionals who aren't actively job seeking. With stats like this, it's vital for you to be aware of your digital footprint and take steps to establish your professional identity online so that recruiters and potential employers can connect with you about career opportunities. Here's how to do it.
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Reflections On My Would-Be Assassins

The lesson came in the shape of 15,300 tweets and re-tweets with my name on them, and various levels of threats from people who may have never heard of me till then. If they were indeed 15,300 separate, distinct persons, it would be a miracle of spontaneous mass action. Perhaps it was the handiwork of just a few dedicated persons working overtime in an air conditioned call centre somewhere. I do not know. Nor do I know who gave the command. An added dimension was added when personal mobile telephone numbers were put on Twitter with instructions to ring one up.

Virtual Mohallas: How Facebook Groups Empower Migrant Indian Women In The UK

I first moved abroad in 2010 and made some lovely friends from all over the world. Still, I longed to have Indian friends just to have a sense of familiarity in an unknown country. Fast forward to 2015. I have discovered Facebook groups targeted at migrant Indian women living in the UK that allow womenfolk from different walks and stages of life to connect with each other and seek advice on everyday matters.
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Without A Strong Football Culture, Indian Football Has Little Scope For Improvement

He's right; for all the infrastructural and technical problems that plague Indian football, our dismissive mindset towards the game needs to be corrected if we are to stand the remotest chance of growing; because even if the AIFF does everything in its power (far-fetched, I know) to develop the game at its end, it wouldn't matter unless we take it upon ourselves to take the game forward.
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The Woman On The Bike

The other day, when the car was at a traffic light, I noticed a young couple on a bike. They would have looked like any other young couple on a bike except that the girl had her arms full of red bangles. They both were dressed in jeans and tees. Normally, we don't mix Western attire with Indian traditional accessories like glass bangles, especially with the fear of being labelled behenjis. The only time you see women do so is when they are newly married.