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I'm A Celebrity And So Are You: The Fictional World Of Social Media

Social networks massage our egos and make us celebrities at the click of a button. Ah! The adulation we get when we put up a picture on Facebook -- the 100+ likes, 50+ comments, celebrity status in an instant! Never do we think that the likes and comments on social networks are a manifestation of "I scratch your back and you scratch mine!" We actually believe that people really adore us. How gullible can we be?

The Misguided Debate On Intolerance In India

The debate on "whether tolerance has increased" is irrelevant to the search for solutions and is actually obfuscating the key issues. We have already seen how the misguided "blame-game" masquerading as a "debate" has seized much mindshare and potentially distracted politicians from the duty of governing, media from the task of reporting, and the populace from the burden of thinking.
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The Ramnath Goenka Awards And The Crisis In Indian Media: An Opportunity Lost

It would have been a fitting tribute to Ramnath Goenka if the organisers had taken advantage of the high-decibel media presence to discuss factors that are threatening professional values, journalistic autonomy, media ethics and public service reporting, instead of using it as another opportunity to invite a Bollywood star and reap mileage out of his controversial remarks.

Social Media: Friend Or Foe?

Spiderman once famously said, "With great power comes great responsibility", and this holds true, aptly enough, for the web too. The power of the Internet and social media to break news as it unfolds is mind boggling. It's not just traditional news agencies that are actively leveraging social media to disseminate information - even common citizens are using such platforms to report and share news. However, for many, the responsibility that Spiderman spoke of has taken a backseat to the enticements of momentary fame.
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Why Counter Facebook Majoritarianism?

The intention of this post is not to suggest ways of dealing with majoritarians -- those who believe that being part of the majority in a certain domain allows them to dominate, oppress and exploit others -- on Facebook. Instead, I want to explore the policies of Facebook that facilitate majoritarianism of various kinds.