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#DearTwitter, Stop Letting Vested Interests Misuse You

Today, Twitter is being used to play a dirty game, a game that is morally wrong. Fake accounts are produced, fake tweets are sent out in bulk, fake trends are fabricated. Twitter is used to create fake majorities, a use I'm sure you're well aware of, a use that makes the general public reconsider their own opinion; their own choices. This use or, well, misuse, takes place because you're allowing it.
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Brand Stories Are Co-Created, Not Just Told

Consumers today don't just receive the story being written and disseminated by the custodians of a brand. Despite the clutter of established and emerging brands in every sub-segment, consumers are able to identify what a brand stands for. Not what a marketer communicates, but the sum total of what the consumers understand and experience, how they endorse or communicate about a brand. Consequently, consumers are happy to script their own stories of what a brand means...
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This Man Gave Octogenarian Tara Balgopal A Reason To Dance Again

Most of us are familiar with the story of Tara Balgopal. She was once one of India's most celebrated danseuses; at one point, the government even issued a stamp in her honour. Unfortunately, fate conspired against the once-feted dancer and she had all but resigned herself to living her twilight years in a dilapidated house, with no savings to speak of. However, starting with one man's initiative, Taraji's quality of life took a 180-degree turn.

Frankly Speaking: A Sureshot Way To Lose Your Social Media Friends

If you are tired of being a like enthusiast on Facebook or the "hahaha good one" Samaritan on Twitter, start sharing your beliefs on religion and politics. This is a foolproof method to awaken the dormant Arnab Goswami in your dearest online friends. Beliefs are like the softest, most worn-out T-shirt that you've held on to for years. Slipping into it is the closest we feel to our mother's womb. So, when an opinionated cretin's grating voice, such as yours, infiltrates their warm cocoon, their inner Arnab comes out.