Social Entrepreneurship

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Getting To The Heart Of Impact Investment In India

Impact investment is generally understood in India to involve for-profit equity or debt investment in early-stage ventures that are delivering basic services to the poor -- giving them access to affordable housing, financial services, education, health or energy -- or helping to provide them jobs and better livelihood opportunities. According to this definition, India has thus far seen approximately US$2 billion of impact investments into some 300 companies. And the pace of this activity is picking up.
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Not Just Another Brick In The Wall: 5 Disruptions In Indian Education

The market size of online education in India is expected to cross $40 billion by 2017. As new government initiatives are being launched and new edu-tech funding deals are being announced, education is suddenly an investable business. Let's look at five examples of companies trying to disrupt the quality of education in India, with technology used as an enabler - as a means and not the end.
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IIT Grads Bring Quality School Education To Rural Bihar

This team of IIT graduates did built foundations under their dreams of building an excellent school in a remote part of Bihar to cater to families who could otherwise not have access to such quality education. Rise High Public School has been operational for a year now. Currently it has around 240 students. The school, spread over 3 acres of land in Aurangabad district - 15km from Aurangabad city, Bihar, provides world-class, affordable, English-medium education in the CBSE curriculum.