Sleep More To Stop Craving Junk Food

There are few things in life that are better than a good night's sleep. In fact, according to a recent study in the Journal of Applied Psychology, a restful night is so beneficial it may even make tho...

Podcast: Are We Heading To A Future In Which We Can Survive On Less Sleep?

For anyone who leads a hectic, urban life, the sheer lack of time is a common complaint. Meeting deadlines at work, everyday commuting and domestic chores often take a toll on our social lives and interests. "If only I had a few more hours in a day," is a sentiment that most of us can identify with. And some of us, who really ponder about how we can add more hours to our day, may start to wonder whether it's really worth spending a huge chunk of our day on sleep. This episode of The Intersection investigates that very idea - is it possible for us to sleep less and well?
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The Bedtime Trap

As you enter the bedroom, you turn the big light off and turn on the night lamp -- only to be impaled by a shrill scream of protest. The kid knows what you are up to and the kid won't take it lying down. You use your calming voice but you can barely hear yourself. So you use your calming voice a little more loudly. Your adversary smells weakness and ups the pitch of protest. You turn to the one weapon that only you have -- superior physical strength.
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Be A Cat, Take A Nap

I'm a lark not an owl so the quick nap saved me when, as editor of Bombay Times, I had to schmooze serially at Mumbai's notoriously late night (in fact early morning) parties. Now when I'm off this sequinned treadmill, it's still important. And a habit ingrained and indispensable to my wellbeing. Indeed to my sanity.