Can Shopping Become An Addiction?

It's called retail therapy for a reason. And there's nothing wrong with a new pair of pumps to boost the mood every now and then, right? Well that depends on just how frequent that 'now and then' is....
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Are Women Programmed To Love Shopping Sprees?

For a woman entering a shopping mall, the excitement is at par with entering a wonderland (albeit one that comes with price tags attached). It's their turf, where they can visit any brand or service, browse through an ever-increasing spectrum of delights and walk out satisfied and with a feeling of accomplishment. Men, on the other hand, search desperately for the exit sign. Evolutionary theory could have an explanation for this phenomenon.
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5 Gifts You Must Avoid Giving This Diwali

Diwali is almost synonymous with gifts these days. Gifts, actually, are beautiful. They convey to the receiver that you were on their minds, invested time in thinking what they would like and have gone out of your way to buy those things. However, most of us would agree that Diwali gifts hardly fall in this bracket. More often than not they range from the clueless to the stupid and even bordering on insulting.
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The Middle East's Secret Religion

We've been in the Middle East for less than a year but one of our first impressions, confirming the illusory nature of this region, has lasted: the lopsided emphasis that people place on materialism and designer labels. Rigid judgments are formed about people based on the luxury items they do or do not have, discussions bordering on intellectual discourse are held on the merits of various brands at social and workplace events.
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To Market, To Market: Goa's Flea Market Instagrammed Is A Brilliant Riot Of Colours

Jarring psychedelic beats clash and boom against each other, each demanding to be heard. The acrid tang of sweat, dung and spices is everywhere as is the sand coming in from hundreds of pairs of sun-soaked flip flops. Tiny shops jostle for space, each more colourful (and more expensive than the next). Yet, there's hardly a tourist that leaves without triumphantly (and sweatily) clutching a bag of purchases, and a phone full of photographs.