Shobhaa De

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To Beef Or Not To Beef - My Sunday Afternoon Dilemma

'Nonsense!' exclaimed the wife. 'Stop exaggerating. There is no such thing as "Hindu extremism". It's really not even a religion; it's a philosophy-- a way of life. Our PM said so himself,' the wife asserted. 'You Adarsh liberals are always looking for a way to undermine the good work done by our Dear Leader. Painting stray instances of mob violence with a communal brush.'
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‘Talvar' Made Me Realise That We Owe Aarushi's Parents An Apology

I recently saw the movie Talvar, which is based on the headlines-grabbing double murder of a young girl, Aarushi, and the family's domestic helper, Hemraj, in 2008. Although the film evokes sympathy for Aarushi's parents, who are currently serving a life sentence for the murder of their daughter and Hemraj, it is left up to the audience to decide which version of events they believe. Regardless of whether the Talwars are guilty or not, I think we as a society owe them an apology.
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Why I Am No Longer A Fan Of Shobhaa De

Some of her comments may be malicious but she's witty as she attacks the "dramabaazi" and other shenanigans. She gets a little incoherent and she's abusive towards public figures but newspapers need that kind of shock value to sell. I get that. But I have to admit that sometimes De can be shockingly negative, vicious and strident.
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Why Every Right Thinking Indian Must Stand By Shobhaa De

So vernacular movies and street food are now on the long list of "sentimental items" that have been granted State protection from jest and caricature. The vada pav is now as sacrosanct as our gods and dead shamans. Its fragile flavour must be protected from insults. Thank heavens the draconian 66A was repealed just in time. Or else some overzealous culture warrior would have dragged De to court already.

Compulsory Marathi Film Screenings: Let's Look At The Larger Picture, Shall We?

Those who have been critical of the move to allow Marathi films this tiny slice of the pie have pointed out that this decision strips the ticket-paying public of its power to choose what they want to watch. To them, I would like to ask: how empowered do you feel when a Rohit Shetty blockbuster comes along and takes up all the slots at your local multiplex, thereby pushing the Hollywood or indie film you really wanted to watch out of theatres and into oblivion?

Pink Power: The Many Hues Of A Superwoman (Part 4)

At my work desk I can't help but thank god for making me a woman in this day and age, where I have the opportunity to be the Mistress of the Universe. I cast my mind back to some of the women who have been iconic for me and millions of others. Most of them have been game changers. They scaled mountains, all the while ignoring the naysayers who said that these peaks of success didn't even exist.