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Yuji Sakai

India Through The Eyes Of An Afghan Shia Intellectual

When the Indian government pursues foreign policy initiatives, it often difficult for the lay citizen to understand its human impact. Here's a real life example of how our neighbours look upon a democratic, strong and yet fairly liberal India reaching out to them. This conversation, which took place in a cab, gave me some interesting insights into how an Afghan Shia intellectual views India.
ATTA KENARE via Getty Images

Fuel To The Fire: The Saudi-Iran Flare-Up And The Politics Of Oil

Many fear that the tensions between Iran and Saudi could erupt in a full-blown military conflict. However, this is a highly unlikely eventuality. The Iranian President has condemned the embassy attack, and Saudi has hinted at renewing diplomatic ties under terms and conditions. In fact, much of the indirect Saudi-Iran war had been already being fought for months hundreds of miles away in Vienna, Austria, behind the closed doors of the cartel-like Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) headquarters.

Indians Protest Against Nigerian Army's Killings Of Shia Muslims

Ripples from the unrest in Nigeria are being felt in India, as Indian Shias across cities staged demonstrations against the Nigerian government for the alleged killing of hundreds of Shias and illegal arrest of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky, one of the country's top Shia clerics and founder of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMS).