Sharad Yadav

From Sharad Yadav To Obama: The Dark Side Of Politics, Society

Sharad Yadav's comments were debated for a week on the news and in the papers. Soon after this, I saw an interesting programme on NDTV hosted by Prannoy Roy where undercover actors in real-world settings raised awareness about racism in society. As expected, it became clear that skin colour is given a great deal of importance in Indian society. But it isn't that different anywhere else, is it?

Simply Sharad

This country, it seems, is not a nice place. We want to crack Rahul jokes. But Rahul jokes are not funny anymore. Arvind's sugar is under control. But his party is not. Sharad Yadav compliments women. But women create a furore. Bollywood celebrates size zero. But Sharad Yadav cannot talk about bodies. Is there any sense of justice? This is how I imagine an upset Sharad Yadav would reveal his feelings in a secret diary.