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It's Unconstitutional To Deny Women Access To Places Of Worship

Women are constantly fighting a battle for equality. In India, they are also currently fighting to be treated as equals in the eyes of their gods. Indian feminism has always been a rather unique debate, owing to various ethnic influences that are characteristic of the cultural minefield that India is. However, this debate encompasses not only feminism, but religious practices and their conflict with constitutional law.
Frédéric SOREAU via Getty Images

Why I Think Temple Bans On Women Are Absolutely Fine

Let's think of these 'reserved-for-men' shrines as the women's-only coach in the Delhi Metro. Now imagine a bunch of aggressive men demanding equal rights and to be let in! Surely we'll turn into female incarnates of the wrathful Lord Shani. And why not? The Metro coach is our sanctum sanctorum, where we can squat on the floor, do our makeup, doze on our neighbour's shoulder without the fear of body odour. I am sure male devotees share similar sentiments while resisting female presence in shrines like Shani Shingnapur.