Yes, It Does Matter, Very Much, That Jisha Was Dalit

I want to question this mystifying line of thought I've seen through in numerous comments on news websites: "Why does it matter that Jisha was Dalit?" Some of this is cloaked in faux concern by people who think we live in a post-caste society. It's a story about every woman in India! Other times, their virulent bigotry comes out. What if she was murdered by a Dalit man? It's time to make this clear. Jisha's caste is absolutely imperative to her life and death.
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Where Being A Woman Means Looking Over Your Shoulder

Is there any city in India which can be termed safe for women? "Eve-teasing" (can we please just retire this archaic, minimising term and call it sexual harassment already?) is a phenomenon that transcends the boundaries of region, religion and caste. Regardless of where you are, if you're a woman you're probably looking over your shoulder, ducking your head or quickening your pace on the streets.
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Torn Pages From My Harassment Diary

I have never felt as wordless as when I was trying to articulate my experiences of sexual harassment on the streets of India. When these incidents took place, all I wanted to do was to perhaps take a lesson from them and then move on, forget about them. They made me feel emotionally weak, helpless, as if freedom was out of my grasp. I could imagine others saying, "So what? After all, she was never raped."

Feminist Apologists And Marital Rape

The refusal by the government to accept marital rape as a criminal act, and to protect those who commit such a heinous crime behind some spurious notion of marriage as sacred, is to embrace the mentality of a colonial past that regarded some people as less entitled to humanity than others. Let's be clear. This stand has nothing to do with Indian cultural values. It has everything to do with a conviction that some people are simply lesser humans or non-humans, while others are superior.