Why Wait For Death When You Can Say Goodbye Now?

When the news came a few weeks ago that Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan were headed for a split, I was intrigued. Not because I am a fan or a Bollywood aficionado but because of how this news contrasted with the usual rosy media coverage of their family vacations, joint enterprises, TV appearances together and generally blemish-free life. They seemed to have it all--chemistry, reasonable success, money, family support--so what could have led to such a strain?
Jamie Grill via Getty Images

An Apology: Divorce Is Not Predictable And There Isn't A Definite Cycle

A complete stranger recently messaged me on Facebook to say that a post from my series, 'The Predictable Cycle Of Divorce', had helped her somewhat, as she was thinking through her divorce. But her situation is completely different. There is a four-year-old involved and that changes a lot of things. A friend reached out in person to say that I was getting a bit repetitive in setting the context and that most people who were going through a divorce end up dealing with it in whatever way they know best.