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The Dilemma Of The Stay-At-Home Mom

I'm always amazed when women say "I'm just a housewife" when someone asks them, "So, are you working?" As if a housewife doesn't work. As if being a housewife is shameful and you need to sound apologetic. So sorry, that I chose to stay home and take care of the family. Personally, I find the term homemaker more comforting. It sounds spiffier and definitely more "productive". The woman of the house who makes the house a home -- yes, that's me!
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'You Don't Have To Disappear To Prove You Were There': Celebrating The 'F' Word

Too many women I know today measure their self-worth by the space between their thighs. "Oh I want to be thin... I need a man, yaar." I don't really think this is about men. It's about other women. What follows is depression, diets and banal discussion. Some work out, some just suck it out. But either way, the thighs start to get thin, so the dresses get shorter. And the lady thinks she is "in".

Set Yourself Free From The Beauty Trap

You must have already formed an image of me in your mind, but let me fill in the gaps for you. I am a US Size 4, light-skinned, light-eyed, brown-haired girl living in a nation obsessed with fair skin. You must be wondering what gives me the entitlement to write this article since I occupy quite an enviable position in this culture.