Why Are We So Idiotic?

Imagine if suddenly the astronomers discover a planet, within reaching distance, just like Earth. How excited everyone would be. Let's say it has oceans and lakes, has a good temperature for humans, h...

Why Effective Cross-Cultural Communication Matters In Business

Do you know how many managers serving people across countries and continents fail to see the business challenges that stem from cultural differences? Many front-line managers and executives overlook the key fact that business learning does not always equate to culture learning. Just because someone has lived in multiple countries or speaks multiple languages does not necessarily mean they are able to cross-culturally communicate for advocacy, people management and leadership.
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My Favourite Sound

The rhythm of a train approaching a station was my favourite sound for the next two years. It signalled a journey home to love, and food. Only a hosteller understands the sweetness of the sound of pooris sizzling in the kitchen as one steps in one's home. Each time I returned to the cocoon, the warmth of the familiar sounds weaved threads of comfort around me. Each time I had to leave, that very train lost its rhythm.