The Misguided Debate On Intolerance In India

The debate on "whether tolerance has increased" is irrelevant to the search for solutions and is actually obfuscating the key issues. We have already seen how the misguided "blame-game" masquerading as a "debate" has seized much mindshare and potentially distracted politicians from the duty of governing, media from the task of reporting, and the populace from the burden of thinking.
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Why Pakistan Is Stumped By The Rich, Educated Jihadist

Saad Aziz has the dubious honour of enhancing Pakistan's terrorism vocabulary. Before his May 21 confession to killing social activist Sabeen Mahmud, and gunning down Ismailis in Safoora Goth, Pakistan's political pendulum on terror swung between two stops. Every hit on the homeland could be traced back to either the Taliban, or India's intelligence agencies. A young man with an elite education and uptown upbringing could never be a jihadist.