Why India's Demand For UN Tax Committee Holds The Key To Funding The Paris Deal

Achieving the goal of the Paris Agreement will require a major shift away from the fossil fuel-based economies of today to a more sustainable and green economy. Such a transition, needless to say, will be enormously expensive. The main source of financing will be public funds, essentially raised through taxation by the government. It is here that an ongoing reform effort at the United Nations must be brought into the picture -- the campaign for an intergovernmental tax committee.
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Five Steps That Must Be Taken For Strengthening The Implementation Of India's Sanitation Policies

Following the launch of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan last year, sanitation has come into the limelight and is being prioritized by a range of stakeholders. As part of the Mission, the Prime Minister announced a target of 120 million toilets to be constructed in rural India by 2019. However, in order to achieve and sustain the open defecation free status, it is crucial that the following steps are taken to strengthen implementation of India's sanitation policies.
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Demystifying The Sustainable Development Goals

An absence of a sense of ownership or understanding of these goals by individuals and institutions may become an impediment in the journey towards achieving them. So the question I found myself asking (as I'm sure many individuals and institutions have asked) is what do these SDGs (which are essentially vision statements) mean to me? What can I do? How does it align with me or my organisation's vision or commitment to sustainable development? Or, alternatively, how do I align myself or my organisation with these goals?