Are We Really Free In Today's Independent India?

Addressing the nation on the eve of 69th Independence Day, the honorable President Pranab Mukherjee has rightly expressed his concern by saying, "the roots (of vibrant democracy) are deep but the leaves are beginning to wilt. It is time for renewal. If we do not act now, will our successors seven decades hence remember us with the respect and admiration we have for those who shaped the Indian dream in 1947?"

Life And Death Of Gandhiji Hold Lessons For A World In Conflict

In today's strife-torn world divided along race, religion, region, class and creed, the practice of Satyagraha becomes even more relevant. A peaceful struggle based on the principles of truth, non-violence and fierce belief in the righteousness of one's cause appeals to the moral conscience of the adversary, builds popular support without the threat of violence, and thus creates an atmosphere of dialogue and resolution for even the thorniest issues.