Salman Rushdie


The Misguided Debate On Intolerance In India

The debate on "whether tolerance has increased" is irrelevant to the search for solutions and is actually obfuscating the key issues. We have already seen how the misguided "blame-game" masquerading as a "debate" has seized much mindshare and potentially distracted politicians from the duty of governing, media from the task of reporting, and the populace from the burden of thinking.

Chai Pe Charcha To Gai Pe Charcha: Can Modi Stop The Degeneration Of Indian Politics?

Some MPs and ministers in Modi's cabinet appear to be working at cross purposes. They are slowly undoing all the good work done by Modi, with some leaders sullying the image of India by their intemperate comments on a variety of issues. The rest of us are left wondering why Modi isn't taking action against them, or even speculating whether this is part of a larger conspiracy to keep Modi under check.

The "Killing" Of Perumal Murugan: Speak Up Before We Become A Land Of The Living Dead

A society where the truth cannot even be told in stories must surely be an uncivilised one. A nation where fanatics can control a writer's imagination signals the end of our imagination as a people. An administration that voluntarily participates and colludes to violate and illegally suppress the freedom of speech of a well-known writer is no different from the ISIS. All you need to say is the word "anti-religion", throw in a few protests and the state bends to please. Freedom is our first and easiest casualty.