Salman Khan Verdict

Peter Adams via Getty Images

Driving Free: The Killers On India's Roads

There is growing public concern that all too often the country's affluent and influential walk free from incontrovertible crimes by marshalling top legal assistance, and by capitalising on conveniently weak and shoddy investigation, and on a judiciary that declares that it goes by evidence delivered by a prosecution that has failed to prove its case. Acquittals often result from technicalities, with circumstantial evidence being overlooked.

How "Being Human" Helped Redefine Salman Khan

While reading the news coverage, another little thing has bothered me intensely: what I saw in the pictures of Salman Khan. In almost every one of them, the words "Being Human" were scribbled on his sculpted chest. The oddity and contradiction inherent in this situation has been hard to overlook. Imagine Lance Armstrong wearing a "No Doping" T-shirt to his Oprah interview.

A Fallen Hero Does Not Make A Villain

Last week, my social media saw a deluge of opinions on the Salman verdict. An article on Firstpost was titled "But Bhai is a good guy: Support for Salman Khan a win for his PR but media's failure". The writer of the piece seems to be baffled by the fondness demonstrated for Khan by his loved ones, fans and Bollywood in general. She also criticises the media for carrying stories about his philanthropic work. I want to ask the writer of this piece (I'll call her "Ms. Writer"), a few things.