Sakshi Malik

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How Much Of Their Award Money Will PV Sindhu And Sakshi Malik Actually Get?

The country is ecstatic with the glory of medals… but no offence, given that we live and breathe taxes, our minds immediately start calculating the actual amount of money that will be credited in the sportswomen’s bank accounts. We cannot help but grapple with questions such as, “Is there any tax deducted from such incomes?” or “Are these people liable for any special kind of tax?” or “Are these incomes exempt?” So let’s get an insight into what actually happens!
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Celebrating The Hands That Raised India’s Olympians

What do PV Sindhu, Sakshi Malik and Dipa Karmakar have in common? Three women who were underdogs in their respective competitions and ultimately became champions, yes. Their fighting spirit, obviously. The fact that they fought all odds to emerge victorious in a country that has little infrastructure for any sport that is NOT cricket, of course. But look closer… what else do they have in common?