Safety Tips

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20 Ways To Stay Safe While Travelling By Bus, Cab Or Train

In urban areas, many of us follow a daily ritual of hopping on a bus, catching a cab or boarding a train. When these activities become routine, we have a tendency to get comfortable. We may forget all about the importance of personal safety. After all, you do this every day and nothing bad has happened yet. Well, all it takes is a few seconds and an unforeseen danger can change the rest of your life!
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18 Safety Measures Against Terrorism That Everyone Should Know

Every country has an anti-terrorism policy in place, but what can you as an ordinary citizen do to prevent or protect yourself in a terror strike? We find that preparation and awareness can go some way in improving your chances of preventing or surviving a terror attack. With World Anti-Terrorism Day having been observed this May, it's a good time to spare some thought to the subject. Here's our list of must-know safety tips.