How Modi Let Down India In Just One Year

Narendra Modi rode a rhapsodic wave to 7 Race Course Road amidst frenzied BJP supporters, media calisthenics, promotional blitz and mind-boggling promises of acchhe din. Twelve months later, it is established that Modi has no magic wand. Or a unique panacea for India's diverse challenges. In fact, he has come up woefully short. Despite being a Congress spokesperson, I shall attempt to be dispassionate and prejudice-free in this brief synopsis of a year that was annus horribilis for us.

The Agony Of Naturalized Citizens

The opposition--though toothless--is still managing to take big bites off the BJP agenda, as a few of the members of the governing BJP are die-hard fundamentalists, lacking the discerning wisdom required to rule. They are unable to think in the present and plan the future.