Sabarimala Temple

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Sabarimala And The Dark Absurdities Of Religion

Religiosity in India is so all-encompassing, that religion somehow manages to escape profound criticism even when some peculiar absurdity comes to light. Indeed, one such typical absurdity has been in the news recently, namely the ongoing controversy concerning the Sabarimala Temple. The religious moderates opine that the temple should allow women to enter -- but will anyone point out that this isn't the only instance where "faith" and "belief" have served as a cover for oppression?
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In India, More Women Need Sanitary Napkins, Not Entry Into Sabarimala

Menstrual activism, radical menstruation, menstrual anarchy or any opposition to the suggestion of impurity during menstruation deserves public support. However, directing it against Sabarimala Temple in Kerala, which allows the entry only of men and women outside reproductive age, reeks of bogus activism because religion and faith by nature are irrational. Menstruation activists, instead, should focus their energies on advocating for menstrual hygiene, which incidentally is awful in India.