Kounteya Sinha

Stealing The Secrets Of Stone

The photograph gracing the announcement of Kounteya Sinha's show, "Stone" (25 June-6 July), at the Harrington Street Arts Centre in Kolkata, depicts a scene steeped in antiquity, juxtaposed with the photographer's jeans-clad form leaning against a time-stained wall. It is a nod to the urban nomad that Kounteya is, his exhibition of 55 images telling stories about 22 countries.

4 Stunning Destinations That Show There's More To Russia Than Moscow And St Petersburg

Just about every country falls into the trap of being defined by only one or two cities. And while these might be truly spectacular cities, ignorance about other jewels results in a loss for the traveller as well as for the country in question. While Russia does see thousands of Indian visitors every year, most make a beeline for Moscow and St Petersburg, perhaps not aware that the country has plenty more to offer.