Priya Pathiyan

Colaba Says Cheers To Cuba!

When we first visit, it's just about three weeks old but gives you the feel of an old familiar. Like Cheers, the sitcom bar where everyone knows your name, Havana has a cosy, lived-in atmosphere. Perhaps it's because the space is filled with memories. After all, as a card-carrying member of Three Flights Up and a regular at Polly Esther's, the 70s themed club that followed in its wake, this has been our go-to place for fun for a long time.
Karuvelil Thomas/Flickr

How Old Monk Made Seers Of Us All

First they closed down Volga, the most endearingly low-key bar in Delhi, where you drank slowly and cosily over a red carpet with Brian Silas playing Jagjit Singh. Then I heard Old Monk, the most time-tested companion in inclement weather, in all shaky states of the heart, through thick and thin, all kith no kin, the one steady affair through life's crests and troughs, may go out of sale. It sounded like the country's second Emergency.