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9 Historical Moments That Show What Makes America Great

This past week Britain voted to leave the EU. A key theme of the 'Leave' campaign was to wrest control of the nation back and reclaim "lost English pride". In America, Donald Trump has been campaigning since last summer to "Make America Great Again". But what constitutes a nation's greatness or glory? And what is this lost greatness that Trump is seeking to find in America. Perhaps a historical tour through some seminal moments of American history might shed some light on "American greatness".
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The 3 Approaches To Change: Reform, Revolution And Rebellion

Reform paints the surface. Revolution destroys the old outer structure but the inner structure remains the same. In post-revolutionary communist societies the inner man has remained the same.... They have had the same mind -- the same greedy, ambitious, egoistic mind; the same mind that is found in America or in capitalist countries... The third approach is rebellion. Rebellion is from the very essential core: it changes consciousness, it is radical; it transmutes, it is alchemical. It gives you a new being...