Lilly Roadstones via Getty Images

The Tao Of ‘Retirement'

Retirement doesn't happen at the end of your career, it happens every moment, every day. After finishing a project step back and take time off to enjoy it. Retirement has nothing to do with old age or infirmity. It simply means you don't postpone enjoyment, you enjoy the here and now; do not cling to your creations. This is a deep moment of total balance, tranquillity.

Why Retirees Shouldn't Hang Up Their Boots Just Yet

When I look at the younger and older generations, I think they beautifully complement and supplement each other. What one has the other does not. What one gives the other desires to get. All that is needed is to bring these worlds together. How? With the power of technology. The answer is really a marketplace ecosystem which brings potential opportunities to the retired workforce. So what does this mean?