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Don't Swallow All The Nutrition Advice You Get

In this day and age when so much information about food and nutrition is freely available, suddenly everyone is an expert. As a nutrition specialist, it often makes me laugh (and sometimes even cringe) to hear some of the myths which are perpetuated. Since the first step towards achieving your goals effectively is to differentiate the facts from misinterpreted and false claims, here are some tips to get you started.

Why Field Researchers Are Just Like Roaming Mendicants [Part 2]

A week or so ago, I had begun this essay by listing out five different reasons on why I believe that that the life of a field researcher is similar to that of an itinerant mendicant. Today, I will describe how both field researchers and itinerant mendicants use a set of handy tools. While the nature of the tools could vary, the functions that these tools perform in the lives of the itinerant mendicants, is remarkably similar to those performed in the lives of field researchers.