Will Donald Trump Go Modi's Way And Change His Stand When In Power?

Most of the US and the international press and leaders have expressed fears about the chaos that might ensue if Trump is elected President. They are worried he will follow through on his outrageous pronouncements. But there's another question: Will Donald Trump change if he's elected President? The search for this answer warrants a closer look at home, where Narendra Modi won a decisive mandate against a discredited and corrupt Congress party in 2014.
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Why Paris Must Not Repeat Kyoto's Mistakes

The Kyoto Protocol has been largely unable to achieve the reduction in emission targets it set out for developed economies. With the US withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol in 2003 and an increase in Canada, Australia and Japan's emissions by more than 23.4%, 22% and 8.1% respectively from 1990 levels, the Kyoto Protocol has essentially been a failure. The lesson is loud and clear: international law can sometimes end up being a very poor mechanism for allocating emissions permits.