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The Rise Of Trump And Sanders Reveals One Thing About The American Voter

This presidential election may end up having great implications for both the Republican and Democratic parties. The rise of Trump and Sanders’s protracted battle for nomination suggest that vast segments of voters across constituencies are highly disillusioned. They see hope in leaders who fashion themselves as anti-establishment and exhibit a willingness to support their long ignored concerns.

Will Donald Trump Go Modi's Way And Change His Stand When In Power?

Most of the US and the international press and leaders have expressed fears about the chaos that might ensue if Trump is elected President. They are worried he will follow through on his outrageous pronouncements. But there's another question: Will Donald Trump change if he's elected President? The search for this answer warrants a closer look at home, where Narendra Modi won a decisive mandate against a discredited and corrupt Congress party in 2014.
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Making Sense Of The World's Strangest Political Phenomenon

NEW DELHI -- Trump's bulldozing of his rivals through the nominations process has seemingly been designed around digging up the land around conservative politics in America, and digging it deeper than anyone else before. The aim has been to gain not just the conservative vote but to ensure that the ultra-conservative, racist, xenophobic and ignorant voices in America get some mainstream exposure as well.