Republic Day


How The Constitution Saved Us From The Holy Books

Republic Day is all about celebrating our steadfast commitment to a common Constitution. It is about honouring how we have constantly, and successfully, repelled all external and internal pressures to make India a nation that follows the dogmas of a religion. One huge reason we should be happy about it is that the Constitution, as against religious scriptures, does not run the risk of being interpreted in hugely different ways. More importantly, words like "kill" and "destroy", so common in most holy books, are conspicuously absent from our Constitution.
U.S. State Department

India and the United States: Our Time Has Come

When President Obama returns to India this January, he will become the first U.S. president to celebrate Republic Day as chief guest. As the leaders of the largest and oldest democracies in the world sit side-by-side along the Rajpath, it will be the surest sign yet that our interests and values are united like never before.