Religion And Politics

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It's Unconstitutional To Deny Women Access To Places Of Worship

Women are constantly fighting a battle for equality. In India, they are also currently fighting to be treated as equals in the eyes of their gods. Indian feminism has always been a rather unique debate, owing to various ethnic influences that are characteristic of the cultural minefield that India is. However, this debate encompasses not only feminism, but religious practices and their conflict with constitutional law.
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Beef And Beyond: The Toxic Narratives That Are Shaping The India Of Tomorrow

Hindu nationalism has unquestionably been on the rise since India's last elections in 2014, when the BJP was elected to power on a massive anti-incumbency wave. But while it is vital to be alert to any extremist Hindu elements, it is also simplistic to blame a single constituency for India's current communal problems. The truth is much more complex, and much more toxic. It encompasses illegal immigration, vote bank politics and social and economic pressures on indigenous populations.
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Why We Need To Stop Blaming Muslims And Islam For Terrorism

Barack Obama called for "collective introspection" in the Muslim community after the Paris attacks. He said that Muslims all over the world must ask "serious questions" on how extremist ideologies have taken root. A call for introspection and taking stock of a situation is a good thing, but by putting that responsibility squarely on the Muslim community, he has deepened the growing chasm of misunderstanding between Muslims and the rest of the world.
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Religion Unites Us, Fundamentalism Divides Us

The thing that unites us into an Indian identity, among others, is our shared element of deep-seated religiousness whatever be its outward colour or form. Indians are religious people. Religiousness is in the Indian air. Religiousness as a part of our national consciousness provides, inter alia the unity of commonality underlying the supernatant diversity. That which divides is fanaticism of different varieties.