Jason Enterline

Mahmood Farooqui And The ‘Moral Hierarchies’ Of Rape

On 30 July 2016, a special fast track court delivered its judgment in State v Mahmood Farooqui. The following weeks have witnessed the emergence of a carefully constructed narrative of “one of us” at the receiving end of harsh rape laws for a crime he did not “quite” commit. It has been argued that forced oral sex is less grave than penile sex. It has also been argued that rape by a known person is less grave than rape by a stranger. Such distinctions are best avoided.
Zubin Madon

The Danger In Asking Women To 'Dress Appropriately'

People who have been defending Mahesh Sharma's recent comments as merely “cautionary advice” are missing the point. When a Union Minister suggests that tourists should refrain from wearing skirts for their own safety, it sends a dangerous message -- that the onus of not being sexually assaulted lies on the shoulders of the victim.