Rajyavardhan Rathore

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Mission Tokyo 2020: Lessons For India From Ri

Now that the dust of Rio 2016 has settled, it is time to not only celebrate the successes of the Indian athletes but, more importantly, to start working towards Tokyo 2020. If the government, sports administrators and the rest of us can take on board certain lessons from Rio, we can aim to make our presence felt at the next Olympic Games.
Roy Scott

Mahabharata 2.0: The BJP And The Art Of Social Media Warfare

Rajyavardhan Rathore, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting, recently warned the country that a paradigm shift was taking place in the art of warfare. India now finds itself in the midst of “psychological war”, in his view. He pointed out that even as the horror in Kashmir unfolded, we all missed thousands of unguided tweets being exchanged between India and Pakistan. These 140-character missiles must have been terrifying…

The Word "Secular" Matters, Even If It's Just A Token

The reality for many Muslims in "secular" India belies the word. However, the word is not entirely meaningless. That the Constitution acknowledges them is a source of hope for the minorities. At least on paper, they are equal citizens of the country and are thus eligible for all the rights and protections that the Constitution guarantees. Despite the endless delays of the judicial system and often biased police forces the minorities still feel they can seek recourse in the legal system.