Rajesh Khanna

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‘Yeh Kya Hua, Kaise Hua, Kyun Hua…’

Rajesh Khanna’s tale is somewhere incomplete. To have seen such dizzying heights of heady fame and then to experience such impenetrable oblivion requires some inner toughness. Khanna’s life was colourful, complex, convoluted, and profoundly impactful. Even if he had lived another 20 years, the unfathomable vacuum of a rainy gray 18 July, 2012 would have still felt the same. We would still say, “Yeh kya hua, kaise hua, kyun hua…”
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The Slow Slipping Away Of Rajesh Khanna, Bollywood’s First Superstar

It was raining when the family announced Rajesh Khanna’s death on the afternoon of 18 July, 2012. Not the kind of heavy downpour that Mumbai’s shrinking lakes would gratefully accept, but a light, continuous drizzle that swept Carter Road in Bandra West and dropped silently on Aashirwad -- the road and bungalow in which Rajesh Khanna lived, as if the Heavens were crying inconsolably for the loss of this great actor, Bollywood’s first superstar.