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Bullet Trains Are All Very Well, But What About The Common Passenger On Indian Railways?

Dear Mr PM, bullet trains will probably add to the overall GDP and propel the country to an elite list of nations that boast cutting-edge transport infrastructure. But what about the millions who still rely on trains that cannot exceed 60kmph? Every aspect of train travel -- from booking tickets to finding seats -- has become difficult. Unless your government takes steps to ease the hardship it cannot claim to be benefiting the common person.

The Transport Sector Can Drive India To A High Growth Phase

As envisioned, a Smart City will provide a nucleus around which growth will pick up in concentric circles. Port cities will fuel the growth tremendously as trade to GDP ratio spirals up. Growth will also follow a dendritic pattern with projects like Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor beginning to mushroom... The transport sector, in such a scenario, holds immense possibilities for the Indian economy.