Rahul Yadav

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How Not To Be Like Rahul Yadav: 6 Takeaways For Young Entrepreneurs

From his public airing of spats with investors to playing the media like a guitar, Rahul Yadav challenged the status quo at every step. He rejected corporate bureaucracy and a boot-licking culture. He was also brilliantly disrespectful, a self-serving narcissist (like many of the new breed of young entrepreneurs) and got himself fired. While there is much to admire about the man, there are some lessons on how not to do business embedded in his saga as well.
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Dear Rahul Yadav, The Only Thing You've Proved Is Your Arrogance

It's great to have a competitive mindset, but yours is vengeful, pernicious (as borne out by your rude outbursts in public forums). When you're asked about your behaviour, you give it a positive twist. You say you're not diplomatic, you are a straight talker. But to me that is just a cloak for your arrogance... You are known not for solving problems or generating great revenues and profits. You are known for getting investors on board, just as much for you are infamous for your arrogant treatment of them.