Radhika Apte

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'Kabali' Peaked At The Trailer. Here's Why

First of all, I don't do movie reviews. I am the guy who just watches a movie and then maybe talks about it during lunch at work to avoid awkward silences. So, why am I writing this review about a movie I watched a half hour ago? Because you know, how sometimes when you have a near death experience, your perspectives change and suddenly you want to do all this good in life, save lives, be a better person? Yeah, I am in that zone right now.

Doing Nude Scenes Liberated Me

In my experience, undertaking the scenes with nudity was extremely liberating. I had many complexes about my body since I learned about it as a child, and the invasive stereotyping and sexualisation of both men and women in this industry didn't help. The obsession with slimness, flawless skin, long legs, round ass, big boobs, fair skin... it all made me feel very small.