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10 Guests I Want To See In The Bigg Boss House

It is almost that time of year again. Sweaters will leave their mothballed sanctuaries, children will start counting the days until Diwali, and once night has settled in, our living spaces will be taken over by all-new guests screaming, shouting, wheedling, singing, flirting, ranting, raving. And since they're safely trapped in the TV screen (and somewhere in Lonavala), the more drama they bring with them the better. So without further ado, here is my Bigg Boss wish list for this year.
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How Not to Debate: A Dummy's Guide To Logical Fallacies

Having diverse views on contentious issues is normal in a healthy democracy. But the total lack of coherence and logic in the way we articulate our views is appalling. Politicians, journalists and even renowned intellectuals are often guilty of making imbecilic rebuttals on prime-time debates and twitter handles. So here's a crash course on some of the most blatant logical fallacies in recent debates, on issues that have polarized the world's largest democracy these past few months.

Radhe Maa And The Religion Of Money

What has happened to us? Faith and god aside, this is taking blindness to another level and imprudently allowing a con artist to take you for a ride. The protagonist of our story -- Madame Radhe Maa -- has already been accused of abetting several suicides and is also facing charges for her role in the dowry harassment and torture of a woman by a Mumbai-based family. Yet, from Bollywood to the cricket fraternity, the Radhe Maa fan club has a surprising variety of members.