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Zakir Naik And The Theory of Evolution

Zakir Naik is in the news these days, and a lot of people have, through Facebook, asked me my views about him. So let me respond. In my opinion, Zakir Naik's views are totally unscientific and stupid, but he's been peddling them successfully for a long time to his followers, who are largely gullible Muslims. We may here consider just one of his several half-baked, crackpot ideas about Creation and Darwin's Theory of Evolution.
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The Reviled Veil: Unfolding The Layers Of The Burqa

Antiquated, repressive, protective -- whatever it might be, the burqa has attracted enough controversy in the recent past to be banned from public life by several countries. The real challenge is to understand why such a convention came into being and what exactly we need to denounce about it... for everything is not wrong with the burqa per se, but only how it is used as tool for suppression.
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The Reason Why I'll Never Go For Hajj

Fa ayna tadh haboon. It is very difficult to understand the depth of emotion behind these words in the Quran when God asks us with so much love and compassion, "Where are you going?" The concern with which we are asked about the direction we have taken, if heard and understood correctly, could so easily bring us back to the right path. Unfortunately the people of this world, especially the Muslims, have gone deaf.