Public Relations

Why Old-School PR Skills Matter In A Digital World

"Yay!" shouted a colleague. "We just got mentioned in the Insta# post of xxx blogger. I am just waiting for the FB post next." Four years ago, when I was at the helm of work in PR, this surely wasn't category A media for clients. Even today I'd like to believe it is not, but I am open to debate.
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PR V Advertising: Dawn Of Publicity

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was one of the most anticipated movies of 2016, and rightly so. It's not every day that two superheroes feature in the same movie, let alone fight each other. So I thought I'd try to differentiate between PR and advertising using these characters as references.
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My Three-Year Break From Work Empowered Me

As I crawl back to corporate life, I find myself reflecting on the three years' gap I took. Prior to these three years, my life was like that of any busy working woman trying hard to strike that balance. I never questioned the long hours at works--servicing big brands and being part of pitches and launches was the agenda then. But after all these years of working, there was a strong 'inner' call to slow down.