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Can India's Think Tanks Be Truly Effective?

Despite its healthy growth in recent years, the Indian think tank sector today suffers from certain shortcomings. These have prevented them from competing for talent with academia, the private sector, and competitors abroad. They have also been inhibited from being fully effective. However, a few measures, if taken, could rapidly revitalize the Indian think tank industry, to the benefit of these institutions, government policy and public discourse.
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Need For Speed: Why Policymakers Need To Give Air Travel Top Priority

Last month, a relative of mine returned from the UK after five long years. When I asked him what he felt coming back to India, he said that it was like travelling in a tram after a bullet train ride. Life had slowed down. Transportation, in particular, was painfully slow. In the course of our conversation, he asked me whether we still considered aviation as a luxury or as an essential commodity. This question got me thinking and as a researcher, I turned to numbers for answers.