Priya Pillai

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We Are Like This Only... But Don't You Dare Say We Are Racist Or Intolerant

South Indians loathe the "Hindikaaren" people -- that is, anyone living beyond the borders of Tamil Nadu; North Indians make fun of dark-skinned (or to use politician Kumar Vishwas's term, "kaali-peeli") southerners; Punjabis hate stingy Gujjus and Gujaratis in turn hate the foolishly fierce Panjus, who can only think of lassi and murder; Kannadigas hate the "Tamilu" people for taking their water, Tamilians dislike the "Kannadam" for keeping their water; everyone hates the "Chinkies" of the Northeast. And I haven't even got to caste and religion.

Why The Government Should Not Appeal In Priya Pillai's Case

On 12 March, the Delhi High Court held that the Intelligence Bureau's (IB) "Look-Out-Circular" (LOC) based on which Greenpeace activist Priya Pillai was denied the opportunity to travel abroad was violative of her Constitutional right to travel and free speech. It would be prudent for the government to not appeal against the Delhi High Court order for three reasons.